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Reverse logistics

The Definitive Guide to Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is similar to the traditional supply chain but it moves in the opposite direction. It refers to the process of returning products from the customer to the seller, distributor or manufacturer and dispositioning the returned product properly.


The Ultimate Peak Season Returns Management Checklist 2021

To keep up with the busy holiday season and the even busier post-holiday returns season, we have developed a comprehensive checklist for you. With this checklist, you will be able to stay on top of your returns management process!


7 Ways to Measure Success in Reverse Logistics

Are you wondering how you can measure your success when you're working in reverse logistics? With the explosion of online shopping during COVID-19 lockdowns, efficient returns management strategies have become critical to the success of e-commerce companies.


8 Signs Your Returns Have Outgrown Your Garage

Sometimes, it's best to outsource your returns? Read on for signs you should move to ecommerce returns management for your business. Ecommerce returns management is a great way to save you some money. This guide will walk you through eight signs