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9 Critical Signs that Your Returns Process is Broken

Negative customer reviews on social media aren’t the only red flags that you have reverse logistics problems. In fact, there are many key indicators you might need to rethink your returns strategy.


Navigating the Complexities of Electronics Returns Management

Are you curious about best practices for electronics returns management? Read this article for everything you need to know. In 2020, the consumer electronics market size was estimated to be over $1 trillion with a projected growth of 8% annually!


8 Signs Your Returns Have Outgrown Your Garage

Sometimes, it's best to outsource your returns? Read on for signs you should move to ecommerce returns management for your business. Ecommerce returns management is a great way to save you some money. This guide will walk you through eight signs


How Online Returns Will Impact the Post-Covid Customer Experience

In today's reverse logistics ecosystem, the customer experience is increasingly reliant on high-quality processing, and the nature of returns is far more complex. Consumers today expect an omnichannel retail experience, and reverse logistics is a huge part of the overall customer...

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10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Reverse Logistics Provider

An efficient reverse logistics process is essential to maximize profits from your sales channels. The growth of online shopping has seen the rate of retail returns climb to as much as 40% of sales. If product returns from your customers are


Accelerating Returns: G2 Reverse Logistics Brings Innovative Technology and Expertise to Maximize Net Recovery

Reverse logistics is a complex process and for many retailers and businesses new to ecommerce, it is often an afterthought

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How ESG Enables Reverse Logistics

Effective reverse logistics can lead to better customer satisfaction, and as a result, improve your bottom line. It also ensures that, whenever possible, products are re-used rather than wasted or thrown away. This goes a long way to benefit the supply chain and the environment.

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What Is Reverse Logistics and How It Can Save Your Business Money

Notice your business losing profit on returns? If your reverse logistics returns solution isn't cutting it or you don't have one, this is the article for you! The way businesses handle product returns has a direct impact on their bottom line.


What Does the Rise of Returns Mean for Your Business?

When you’re growing a retail business, returns handling probably isn’t an area you’re terribly excited by. We tend to associate returns with damaged goods or delivery errors – and that means they’re relatively low on the list