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With REAP™ you get:

  • Total automation of your returns processing, while still sticking to all your business rules and systems.
  • Maximum profitability on every return. From routing to on-site processing and disposition – everything is optimized for maximum profitability.
  • Easy customization of your systems and business rules. No coding needed. Change them in seconds, not days or weeks.
  • Total visibility into all your returns data and clear analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Seamless inter-departmental workflow with a modular system to keep them all on the same page.
  • Instant on-site execution with API integration to your current ecosystem and all your teams.
  • And so much more…

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This is a more common issue than you think, and we’ve got your back.

Sign up for our FREE “Returns Systems Check”, to have our in-house experts review your systems and processes. They dive deep to diagnose the exact issues in your current returns management process and help you fix them ASAP.

With G2’s FREE “Returns System Check”, you get:

  • A detailed classification of your unique returns roadblocks
  • Identification of any system profitability-leaks
  • A detailed road map to optimize your returns
  • BONUS: FREE 30-min call with our in-house reverse logistics expert

After this process, we will help you identify the modules of REAP™ which will help you tie up loose ends and start maximizing your returns.

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REAP™ works to optimize your returns for maximum profitability at every stage.
At RMA creation:
It automatically optimizes your routing, to select the cheapest shipping options and best warehouse location.
No misrouting. No re-shipping to another warehouse. No unnecessary shipping costs. And no extra effort is needed.

At the warehouse:
After the quality checks are done, REAP™ instantly routes the returned product to the more profitable disposition option. From repair, refurb, back to inventory, reselling, and more – REAP™ will find you the best disposition route, every time.
No delays. No confusion. No return bins piling up.
Only seamless returns processing. Maximum profitability. Maximum sustainability.

At HQ:
REAP™ allows you to make the most profitable decisions regarding your returns management, with clear data and analytics of the bigger picture.
No more guesswork. No more vague predictions. No more looking around and avoiding eye contact.
Get all your returns data in one place. Make confident and profitable returns management decisions.

REAP™ is designed to help 3PLs enhance their service offerings and simplify workflow. 

It gives 3PLs:

  • total visibility into all stages of returns
  • seamless returns coordination
  • superior customer service capabilities
  • maximized profit on every return

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REAP™ was built with the speed and flexibility of eCommerce stores in mind.

REAP™ helps fast-growing eCommerce stores achieve:

  • simplified & automated return processing
  • faster restocking
  • higher customer retention
  • better customer services ratings
  • max profit recovery with every return
  • faster and more sustainable growth

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The smart automation of REAP™ is perfect for large retailers who need to handle complex returns across multiple sales channels.

REAP™ helps leading retailers:

  • simplify returns management across all your channels
  • automate their return routing
  • improved customer experience 
  • get a handle on the bigger picture
  • maximize their profit recovery on every return


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Learn more about how smart reverse logistics can help improve your profitability

Reverse logistics isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. So we recommend starting with your data. Look into your customer’s experience as well as your own.

Getting a clear look at your real-time returns data will help you identify the leaky gaps in your unique processes. You can then apply the best-fit systems and tech to improve your net recovery.

There is still residual value in returned merchandise even if it can’t be re-stocked and resold. Examples include a review of your return to vendor programs to reduce recovery time, selling in secondary markets, recycling, and donating to reduce environmental impact. If you don’t have an effective reverse logistics strategy you could be leaving money on the table.

According to one study, 92% of customers said they would buy again if the product returns process was easy. So your complex navigation, slow logistics, and delayed refunds mean lower customer retention rates.

Sustainability is foundational to smart reverse logistics.

Smart returns management ensures every returned product is put back in the market, and to the best use possible. From returning to inventory, refurbishing, reselling, recycling, parts harvesting, and donating – every product’s use is maximized. 

So you get maximum profit recovery and hit your sustainability goals at the same time.

Outsourcing reverse logistics allows your team to focus on the products, sales, and marketing needed to grow your business. G2 provides a comprehensive solution that manages every part of reverse logistics from beginning to end, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

If you’re looking for more detailed guidance on the best way for you to outsource, check out our whitepaper “Choosing The Right Reverse Logistics Partner”.

Cost varies depending upon the scope of the program and any offsetting expense reductions that could be gained like overhead savings, transportation expenses, and improved return to stock percentages.