Automatic Identification of the Most Profitable Path for Recovery

From the second a customer initiates a return, REAP automatically finds the path that will generate the highest net recovery.

Effortless Analysis of All Stakeholder Rules to Expedite Disposition

By thoroughly analyzing products, labor and vendor return rules, market research and sales demand, REAP moves product to the secondary channel that makes the most sense.


Customization of Customer Return Options

Recognizing all reverse logistics problems are not created equally. REAP provides a flexibility and nimbleness to meet your specific challenges and reach common objectives.

Intelligence to power the next generation of reverse logistics


You can’t solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s technology

Without the best in breed analytics and machine learning to optimize every return, you’re losing time and money every transaction–and probably some customers, too.

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Cutting-edge technology that delivers value from start to finish of the returns process

Grounded in the latest cloud technology stack, REAP is globally deployable and available in multiple languages to give you the visibility, tools and data you need to confidently forecast the future in order to make well-informed, cost-effective decisions for your business.