How do you reinvent reverse logistics? Find the man who coined the term, build a team of leaders from his 123 year-old company, partner with innovative technology companies, develop a solution that adapts to each unique customer, and focus on sustainability, not liquidation. At least, that’s how G2 is doing it.

Herb Shear’s grandfather started GENCO in 1898 with a blind horse and a wagon to distribute various goods in and around Pittsburgh. In the 1980s, after Herb had been at the helm for just over a decade, the company expanded its services to manage returns and asset recovery for clients around the world. Just twenty years later, logistics giant, FedEx® purchased GENCO, in one of its largest acquisitions to date. But Shear and his team of experts saw an opportunity to fill a need in the space and revolutionize supply chain processes from top to bottom. They came back to business and launched G2.